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Paws Food Express was founded to help our customers learn why fresher and more natural pet food options could be better for your animals. We aim to help furry friends to lead a happier and healthier life; this is why we’re doing our best to source the best products you can feed your pets, whether they’re feline or canine. Our founders are great pet lovers like you and they wanted to find the best products that can ultimately lead to our pets’ longer life. The strategy we have is pretty straightforward: we only offer high-quality products without all the “BS” (it’s “bad stuff,” in case you were wondering). We like to know where and who we’re sourcing our products from, so we can ensure that everything is up to our standards. We won’t work with a supplier or a brand that doesn’t pass our quality check – trust us on that one. Here at Paws Food Express, the safety and well-being of your furry friends are our priorities. You can rest assured that everything we sell on our website is effective when it comes to your pets leading a healthy, safe, and comfortable lifestyle. So welcome to Paws Food Express and we would like to say that it’s good to have you here. While you’re with us, why don’t you browse through some of our favorite products? Maybe you’ll find your pet’s next favorite treat, right?


Your pet’s next favorite treats!

Paws Food Express only offers the best products in the market, 
and you can rest assured that everything we sell has passed our quality check.
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We know that transitioning to a healthier diet could be life-changing, especially for pets. Although we don’t want you to be overwhelmed, so we’re here to answer any questions or queries you might have.