Ziwi Peak: Elevating Pet Nutrition, Naturally.

Ziwi Peak: Elevating Pet Nutrition, Naturally.

About Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak is a high-end pet food manufacturer that emphasizes producing natural pet food items of the highest caliber near the quaint New Zealand community of Mount Maunganui, near the Bay of Plenty. Peter Mitchell and Kimberly Bartlett launched the company. They established the company to provide pets with a diet similar to what the animals eat outside. They aimed to create a brand of pet food using only natural ingredients and no artificial flavorings or preservatives.


Ziwi Peak Philosophy

Ziwi Peak is dedicated to using only the best natural products. Their goods are intended to resemble a traditional raw diet abundant in premium meat, organs, bones, and fish. The careful selection of the ingredients guarantees the best quality, nutritional content, and flavor. The distinctive air-drying method used by Ziwi Peak is essential to their concept. The components are gently air-dried to remove moisture while retaining the inherent nutrients. The ideology of Ziwi Peak is founded on the welfare of animals. They strive to offer nutrients that promote a healthy digestive system, effective weight management, and healthy skin and fur. Ziwi Peak also seeks to lessen its environmental impact by collaborating with regional farmers, fishers, and suppliers who uphold ethical standards.

Preparation of Ziwi Peak Products.

Ziwi Peak pays excellent attention when creating pet food products to provide the highest nutritional value and quality. Ziwi Peak primarily obtains premium ingredients from ethical and ecological producers in New Zealand. They value wild-caught fish, free-range, grass-fed beef, and regionally-grown fruits and vegetables. The ingredients are prepared by trimming and grinding the flesh, organs, and bones to the proper size. The components are put in specialized drying rooms with controlled airflow and temperature, which progressively dries them while preserving their flavors and nutritional value. The prepared mixture is cooked in its own juices and put into cans for their canned food. Ziwi Peak upholds stringent quality assurance procedures. The items are meticulously wrapped to preserve freshness and quality during the air-drying process.

Ziwi Peak Products

Various products from Ziwi Peak are available to meet the dietary requirements and tastes of both dogs and cats. The following are some of the standout items that Ziwi Peak sells:

Air-dried dog food: These recipes offer a comprehensive and balanced diet rich in meat, organs, and crucial nutrients to fulfill the unique nutritional requirements of dogs.

Air-dried cat food: These recipes offer a comprehensive and balanced diet rich in meat, organs, and crucial nutrients to fulfill the unique nutritional requirements of cats.

Canned dog food: Canned dog food provides an easy substitute for air-dried food while upholding Ziwi Peak's high nutritional and quality standards.

Treats: Treats are designed to accommodate a range of tastes and nutritional requirements. They come in various sizes and flavors.

Dental Chews: Ziwi Peak offers dental chews that promote good oral health for dogs. These chews have a unique texture that helps clean teeth and gums while providing a delightful chewing experience. They are prepared with natural components.

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