Why Dogs Need Vitamin Supplements: A Comprehensive Overview

Why Dogs Need Vitamin Supplements: A Comprehensive Overview

Humans take vitamin supplements to boost their health. A multivitamin a day can significantly improve their immune system. But did you know that dogs need vitamin supplements too?

What Vitamins Are Needed by Dogs?

Like humans, dogs need vitamins and minerals to support growth. Their body also relies on vitamins and minerals to function normally. However, just like humans, dogs cannot produce these micronutrients in their bodies and must be obtained from their diets.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are often categorized as either fat-soluble or water-soluble.

Here are the vitamins that dogs need:

  • Vitamin K is important for different proteins to activate blood clotting, the building of bone, etc.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin) is essential for the correct functioning of the brain and other high-energy organs, and for carbohydrate metabolism
  • Riboflavin and niacin (also known as vitamins B2 and B3, respectively) for metabolic functions
  • Vitamin B6 for niacin synthesis, gene activation, hormone control, immunological response, red blood cell and neurological system function, glucose production
  • Folic acid for metabolism and protein synthesis 

Dogs need vitamin supplements to grow healthy. If you are giving your dogs a balanced diet and don't exhibit any health concerns, you can opt out of giving them supplements. But if your dogs have health and wellness concerns, you can ask their vet for the best supplements to give.

How to Choose the Best Supplements

Supplements are not medication. It's why they are widely available in the market. Because supplements don't always address particular health issues in the same manner as medications and using them carries some risks.

Listed below are some general pointers for selecting vitamin supplements for dogs:

  • Look for brands that have commissioned clinical studies of their products.
  • Read labels carefully to ensure quality and safety.
  • Look for a lot number on the product. This is a sign that the company uses quality control checks.
  • Choose brands with confirmed expertise.
  • Be wary of claims that sound too good to be true. Vitamin supplements are not cure-alls or medications.
  • Do not give human supplements to dogs, as they may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

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