Natural Supplements for your Dog 

Dogs have become an integral part of our lives since several of us love to have them as pets. But with having them beside you all the time, also comes the responsibility to feed them healthily.

Apart from giving them their favorite dog food, you also need to feed them a few natural supplements to fulfill their nutrient needs. Here’s what you can give your dogs to ensure them a lifetime of good health. 

Natural Supplements for your Dogs 

If your dog has been lacking a few nutrients, then adding some natural supplements to its usual diet can be helpful. Natural supplements are made using the best quality ingredients such as whole foods which are tested and proven safe for dogs. Natural supplements are also produced to fulfill the highest grade and meet the standards of healthy food for dogs. 

Here are a few tests you can take your dog through to know its nutrient levels: 

  • Fecal sample (twice a year) 
  • General blood test (once every six months) 
  • Urine test (once every six months) 
  • Heartworm test (every six months) 
  • Hair test to determine mineral and heavy metal levels (every six months) 

If your dog does not satisfy any of the above-mentioned tests, you can provide them with the natural supplements listed below. You can give these supplements 6 days a week to fulfill their nutrient requirements. 

Some of our essential natural supplements include: 

  1. For mobility support
  • Zyflamend-a turmeric-based, anti-inflammatory superfood that is also good for fighting against cancer. 

  1. For digestive support
  • GutSense probiotics for a healthy digestive tract and immune system 
  • Chlorophyll 

  1. For the liver 
  • Liver cleanse for a healthy liver 

  1. For nutrients
  • FeelGood for omega oil requirements 
  • GreenMin for minerals, greens, amino acids, and gentle detox 
  • Soulfood for a certified organic multivitamin 

Any misuse of the supplements can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, always consult a vet before adding any of these supplements to your dog’s diet. 

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