What is the Proper CBD Dosage That I Should Give My Pet?

What is the Proper CBD Dosage That I Should Give My Pet?

Pet parents are used to supplements and vitamins that have a specific dosage to give a day. In CBD, however, the dosage is not age and weight sensitive. The optimal dosage depends on your dog's reaction to CBD.

The optimal dosage of CBD per pet depends on several factors. Every pet is different from the others. The optimal dosage per pet differs depending on their endocannabinoid system, age, metabolism, disease process, current health and wellness status, and other health issues.

The best way to know the optimal dosage for your pet is by trial and error. You can use these best practices to easily get the right dosage for your dog.

  1. Keep a daily log of the current dose you give to your dogs in milligrams.
  2. Observe and record data about how they respond, like their energy levels, mobility, symptom relief, sleep patterns, etc.
  3. Adjust and find the balance. If a lower dosage does not make any difference, increase the dosage. Do not worry because CBD is proven safe for pets.

How to Give CBD To Pets

There are several ways how you can give CBD to your pets for optimal results. Three ways to administer CBD are by their gums, on their food, and by their ears. 

On the Gums

This is the fastest way of administering CBD to pets. Rub CBD on their gums. This approach delivers CBD to the bloodstream more quickly and effectively since it is absorbed through the mucosal membrane of the mouth.

On Their Food

The CBD oil will be less effective and take longer to absorb when applied to food. Although it has been discovered that fatty foods can help with CBD absorption, the substance still needs to travel through the digestive system and filtration processes. As a result, less medication gets to the areas of your pet's body that need it the most.

Rub Into Their Ears

Try applying your tincture to the delicate skin of your dog or cat's inner ear if you can't persuade them to consume it orally or on their food. This choice is not the greatest for administering CBD to dogs and other pets because it is the least bioavailable and will take the longest to enter the bloodstream.

We are aware that some pets do not enjoy having their gums administered. It is advised that you dab some oil onto your finger and rub it into the spot where the hair stops growing.

CBD is highly effective and proven safe for pets. If you want to know more about CBD, visit Paws Food Express. We also offer different pet food and wellness products. We are conveniently located in Houston, Texas. Check our listings and shop now!