Tucker’s: Nourishing Pets Naturally.

Tucker’s: Nourishing Pets Naturally.

Origin of Tucker’s Raw Food

Tucker's Raw Pet Food is a family-owned and operated raw pet food company that was established in 2009 in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The firm's mission is to simplify the process of providing raw food to pets and the humans who care for them. All of Tucker's meats are of a quality suitable for human consumption and come solely from the United States. Employees at Tucker’s Raw Food take a lot of satisfaction in making Tucker's foods from scratch and hand-packing them as well. They want to provide your pets with novel and nutritious goods. The nutrition provided by Tucker's Freeze-Dried Raw Formulas for dogs is comprehensive and well-balanced throughout the dog's entire life. These formulations consist of ninety-five percent meat, organ, bone, and marrow and five percent pumpkin, a low-glycemic fiber source that promotes healthy digestion. When switching your dog to a raw food diet, having support like this is very beneficial.

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Products of Tucker’s Raw Food

Tucker's Raw Dog Food Company specializes in the distribution of raw food options for pet dogs and is known for its namesake product. They provide a selection of raw dog food products that are all prepared with high-quality ingredients to encourage a diet that is both natural and well-balanced for dogs. Many different ingredients are included in the product range of Tucker's Raw Dog Food. Some examples of these things are as follows:

Raw Meat Patties or Chubs: Patties or chubs of raw meat mixes prepared from beef, chicken, turkey, or fish that have been pre-portioned and formed into patties or chubs. Both the patties and the chubs can be purchased separately. They provide the dogs with a meal that is full and well-balanced.

Raw Meaty Bones: Tucker's sells raw meaty bones for dogs who want a healthy snack. These bones provide brain stimulation, teeth cleaning, and a nutritious raw diet.

Raw Mixes: Raw meat, organs, and even fruits and vegetables are combined in these bases to create custom raw diets for dogs. Ingredients in Raw Mixes can vary widely. They provide some leeway in tailoring a dog's diet to their specific needs.

Snacks and Supplements: The company also sells raw meat snacks and supplements, including freeze-dried choices or unique formulations that are targeted to boost particular elements of a dog's general health.

Tucker’s Freeze-Dried Raw

Tucker's Freeze Dried Raw is one of the many product lines available from Tucker's Raw Dog Food. Free-dried raw dog food is a popular substitute for pet owners who wish to offer their dogs the benefits of a raw diet but also prefer a shelf-stable and convenient serving option. When raw bones, organs, and flesh are freeze-dried, the nutrients in these parts of the animal are preserved without loss of quality. Utilizing this method helps keep the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals naturally found in raw food intact. Tucker's freeze-dried raw dog food comes in bite-sized pieces or patties. Freeze-dried pet food can be rehydrated or served crunchy.

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