The Ultimate Guide for Transitioning Your Dog to Healthier Food

The Ultimate Guide for Transitioning Your Dog to Healthier Food

Do you intend to switch to a new, healthier pet food for your fur baby but are worried it will be too challenging?

No matter the reason, as long as it is for the health of your fur baby, Paws Food Express believes it is never too late to switch to healthier food options. Your pet will benefit if you switch from their old food to a much healthier brand.

Reasons to Transition to a New Pet Food

There are various reasons why pet parents need to transition their dogs to new pet food. The most common reason is allergens.

Food allergies can appear in pets over time. Even after consuming a particular brand of food for many years, many dogs develop a sensitivity to gluten or grains. If your dog develops lesions or rashes, an allergen may be trying to escape through the skin. It's time to switch the diet.

A medical condition can be a cause of a switch in the diet, like surgery for bladder stones. Also, new life stages are the major reason why you need to transition your dog to a new diet. A puppy's need is different from an adult dog's need.

Regardless, the most important thing is you are switching because of your dog's health. And here is your guide on how you can safely transition your dog to a new and healthier food.

First Week of Transition

You must prepare your dog's gut as the first step. Keep in mind that because your pet is accustomed to a particular way of life, routines, and nutrition, switching to a new diet must be done gradually. By providing probiotics along with their previous diet, you can prepare their gut. Do not yet feed the new pet food.

Second Week of Transition

You can now gradually introduce a little amount of new pet food to their meal after a week of probiotic preparation. Put a small amount of new pet food combined with old pet food in your dog's diet. The proportion of new food to old food should be 1/4 to 3/4. For the second week of transition, keep doing this.

Third Week of Transition

Your dog's gut is currently getting a little bit adjusted to the new diet. During the second or third week of the transition, your dog may encounter loose stools, but don't be alarmed. Your dog is still getting used to the new diet. The amounts can now be split 50/50 between new and previous food.

Fourth Week of Transition

Give your pet a meal with a portion of 3/4 new food and 1/4 previous food.

Fifth Week of Transition

Your fur baby can now consume one entire serving of new pet food without any problems. Your pet successfully switched to a healthier diet. 

Transitioning your dog to a healthier food diet requires a lot of effort and patience. Do not worry, because Paws Food Express can provide all the help that you need.

We have selections of the best and healthiest dog foods for your fur baby. You can shop online and try our products. We also deliver to your doorstep. Paws 28 is located in Houston, Texas. If you have questions, contact us!