The Healthiest Dog Food Options in Houston, Texas

The Healthiest Dog Food Options in Houston, Texas

Pet parents are known to move mountains for the health of their fur babies. Who wouldn't if you're a pet parent?

Pets are part of the family. And you only want the best for your family. It is why searching or finding the best and healthiest dog food options around town is in order. Although, it is quite challenging sometimes because there are many dog food options in the market.

Luckily, Paws Food Express is here to provide a list of some of our brands that you can rely on when you want the healthiest dog food. We know how serious it is for pet parents like us to find the finest and healthiest food for our fur babies.

Here are some of our favorites:


Tucker's Raw Pet Food is family-owned and operated since 2009. They believe that pets deserve all the best. They make feeding raw food easier for pets and pet parents.

They ensure that their raw pet food is made from human-grade ingredients sourced exclusively from the US. They work with zoological nutritionists to ensure the best formulation of raw diets. Their raw pet food is formulated with 95% meat, organ, bones, marrow, and 5% pumpkin to ensure good digestion.

*Paws Food Express carries Tucker's freeze-dried raw pet food.

Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials is one of the pioneers in the raw pet food industry. Their business is a privately-held company that focuses on providing the best and healthiest pet food for every pet.

They also responsibly sourced their proteins in the US. They are guaranteed to produce high-quality raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats.

*Paws Food Express has Vital Essentials freeze-dried pet food.


Primal pet food started when the owner's dog, Luna, showed early signs of renal failure. The owner tried different diets to aid Luna's struggle. The only thing that worked on Luna was BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.)

From there, he saw how beneficial raw food is to pets. It is the reason why Primal was established in 2001. Primal's goal is to boost and make pets the healthiest they can be. They used antibiotic-free and steroid-free USDA proteins without added hormones certified organic produce, and unrefined vitamins & minerals.

*Paws Food Express proudly offers Primal freeze-dried nuggets and treats.

These three brands are some of the healthiest dog food options you can choose from. If you want to see more healthy brands, check out Paws Food Express. We are conveniently located in Houston, Texas. Not only that, but we also deliver the healthiest dog food to your doorstep. Shop now.