Stella & Chewy’s: Raw Natural Pet Food.

Stella & Chewy’s: Raw Natural Pet Food.

About Stella & Chewy’s.

Stella and Chewy’s is a company that was started by Marie Moody. About two and a half decades ago, Marie Moody rescued a dog named Stella from a local animal shelter. Shortly after, Stella needed company and Marie adopted a sick puppy named Chewy. This became the beginning of the company’s history. Based on advice given by a professional, Marie began feeding Chewy raw meat, fruits, and vegetables and the health of both puppies really improved on this diet. This positive health impact on her pets motivated Marie to start producing raw pet food in her state of Wisconsin and selling it door-to-door and to local pet stores.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially to become among the top raw pet food brands. The company’s portfolio has since expanded to include a variety of raw food options for dogs and cats. These options are now available to consumers nationally in the United States in 3800+ pet food retailers and are of very high quality. The manufacturing is exclusively done at a plant in Milwaukee using a process that is patented for food safety.


Company Mission.

According to, raw pet food is very close to what a pet can eat compared to the diet in their natural habitat. The taste is so much better and helps to keep healthy bones and joints, muscles, coats, teeth, weight, and overall good energy.

The products go through a process called high-pressure processing (HPP) to get rid of bacteria that may otherwise be harmful while making sure that the nutritional value remains constant.

The mission of the company is to prove that pets can thrive through a raw food pet diet.

The company’s vision is to be the number one choice in high-quality raw pet food hence ensuring the general well-being of pets.

Some of the virtues the company stands for are:

  1. Be good- honesty and respect create a better place to work.

  2. Run with the park- we are stronger and better together.

  3. Bark up, bark often- every opinion is helpful, and don’t be shy to speak up.

  4. Mark new territory- don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things.

  5. All breeds welcome- open to all walks of life, so don’t be afraid to be yourself.

  6. Keep your eyes on the ball- play hard but work hard too.

Stella & Chewy’s Ingredients.

The central component of dog food is meat, a rich source of proteins, which increases interest in dogs. It is not heavily processed and is very close to dogs’ diet in the wild. It comes in a variety of options including frozen & freeze-dried raw, dry, wet, treats, mixers & toppers.

The cat food is made to mirror a cat’s diet in the wild. The ingredients used are of really good quality; obtained from reliable sources. The cat food also comes in similar options as the dog food i.e., frozen & freeze-dried raw, dry, wet, toppers & sides.

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