Safe dog treats after bladder stone surgery

Safe dog treats after bladder stone surgery

Safe Foods for Dogs after Bladder Surgery 

Has your dog undergone bladder surgery or is it about to be operated on for bladder stones? If yes, then you must be concerned about their diet. Bladder surgery can cancel out a lot of food items that you have been feeding your dog for years now. This can also include your dog’s favorite treats. 

Therefore, if you wish to know more about all things you can feed your dog post operation, go through this blog. 

Feeding your Dog After Bladder Surgery 

As we mentioned above, bladder surgery can discard a few food items from your dog’s daily diet. However, there are other foods that you can give your dog after its surgery. It is always best to consult a vet and come up with a detailed meal plan for your dog. 

The vet can prescribe the following diets and medicines in case of: 

  1. Purine stones 

In the case of purine stones, your dog can have a protein-restricted diet that can increase its urination. A few medicines like allopurinol can also be prescribed to maintain proper health. 

  1. Calcium oxalate stones

The best diet after the removal of these stones is a calcium-free diet. This will reduce the calcium excretion in its urine preventing further development of calcium oxalate stones.

  1. Calcium phosphate stones 

You can limit your dog’s sodium intake and urine pH. Since these stones are uncommon, the diet does not have any specific inclusions. However, you can ask your vet for additional medicines. 

  1. Cystine stones 

A protein-restricted diet is recommended to dissolve the stones. However, the same can be recommended for prevention. Further, you can also give potassium citrate that can alkalinize the urine. 

  1. Struvite stones 

You can give fat rich diet to your dog that will increase its thirst and result in a diluted urine. However, feeding on food with high-fat for a long time can cause other health conditions, therefore, constant health monitering is necessary. 

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