NutriSource: Nourish Their Spirit with Our Delicious and Wholesome Pet Food.

NutriSource: Nourish Their Spirit with Our Delicious and Wholesome Pet Food.

About NutriSource Pet Foods.

Located in rural Perham, Minnesota, NutriSource Pet Foods has been a family business for three generations. The history of NutriSource started with a tree. The founder, Darrell Nelson, had a fall from a tree as a child that would have taken most youngsters to the emergency room. He got the moniker "Tuffy" because he just dusted himself off and carried on playing. Tuffy's Pet Foods was founded in 1964 by Darrell and his son Kenny, who took the name. Charlie, Kenny's son, is now in charge, and he and members of other Perham families have been in the business together for decades. Tuffy's Pet Foods is the parent company of NutriSource. NutriSource embodies the values that make Perham, and small communities like it, special: compassion, honesty, and a strong sense of community. Family ownership means they prioritize the needs of their workers, community, and their most important customers, family pets.

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Mission and Vision Statement

NutriSource Pet Foods understands that longevity is directly related to good health. Their commitment to Quality Control means you can feel well about giving your pet their food. They use only premium ingredients in all of their products, so you know your pet will be okay.

Mission Statement. To improve pet health and well-being by the provision of safe, high-quality food through a network of certified, competent retailers and distributors.

Vision Statement. To develop the greatest quality super premium pet meals for sale within a market strategy that prioritizes family ownership and operation.

NutriSource Pet Food Products.

NutriSource takes pride in offering a large assortment of dog and cat food. Some of the most sought-after NutriSource products at Paws28 include NutriSource Purevita Salmon and Peas Entrée Grain Free Dog Food, NutriSource Cat and Kitten Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food, NutriSource Small and Medium Breed Puppy Food, etc.

Here are some of the FAQs about NutriSource Pet Products:

  • Why would I feed my pet less of NutriSource’s products compared to other brands?

With meat as the first ingredient and fewer "fillers" in NutriSource’s products, you can be certain that your pet is getting the best possible nutrition from NutriSource while producing less waste.

  • What distinguishes NutriSource food from other brands?

NutriSource is a Minnesota-based third-generation family-owned business. The firm is purposefully small, and its products are not outsourced. They invest in quality, from raw materials to employees to their new state-of-the-art production facility. They know what goes into all of their goods, and they test them before and after cooking, and they know who is cooking.
  • What if my pet won’t eat NutriSource food?

NutriSource's first objective is to provide the safest and most nutritious meals possible. They provide a full warranty on all items purchased from an authorized dealer. Every time, your pet will get a safe and delicious product; if you are not satisfied, return it for a refund.

How can I switch from another brand of food to NutriSource Pet Food Products?

Very simple - remember that NutriSource's food contains prebiotics and probiotics, which will aid with sensitivity when switching formulas. You know your pet best, however, they suggest starting with 80% of your food and 20% of their food and gradually transitioning. Within a week, you should be able to completely rely on their food.

Nutrisource Pet Foods: Elevate Your Pet's Well-being with Premium Nutrition.

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