Natural Balance Pet Foods: Ignite Your Pet's Vitality with Our Tail-Wagging, Wholesome Goodness!

Natural Balance Pet Foods: Ignite Your Pet's Vitality with Our Tail-Wagging, Wholesome Goodness!

About Natural Balance.

Dick Van Patten founded Natural Balance Pet Foods together with a friend in 1989. Van Patten was an actor and animal lover. Van Patten decided to start his own pet food company using only natural ingredients. The company started with dry dog food. The food was a success, and the firm immediately extended its product range to include wet food, supplements, and treats. Natural Balance Pet Foods is dedicated to delivering the greatest nutrition available for pets. The company's goods are manufactured with only the best ingredients and are devoid of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. The firm also sources its ingredients from sustainable sources.

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Natural Balance Pet Foods: The Food For a Lifetime

Company Philosophy

Natural Balance Pet Foods was established by Dick Van Patten with the philosophy of supplying "The Food For a Lifetime" to companion animals and pet parents. The company has developed the finest food for pets by adhering to good scientific principles. Natural Balance is pleased to provide a comprehensive assortment of ultra-quality dog and cat foods. These foods are used and appreciated all over the globe by leading dog trainers, animal rescue organizations, and concerned pet owners who want the best for their pets.

FAQs about Natural Balance Products and Their Answers.

  • What is the definition of human-grade ingredients?

Human-grade ingredients can be defined as ones that are safe for human consumption. Natural Balance uses various human-grade ingredients, including beef, chicken, brown rice, lamb, and fish.

  • What are some Natural Balance Pet Foods products made with human-grade ingredients?

Limited Ingredient Diets: The limited number of ingredients in these diets can help reduce the likelihood of food sensitivities or allergies. These weight control plans incorporate human-grade ingredients like brown rice, chicken, and lamb.

Wet Food. Natural Balance Pet Foods also provides a selection of wet food alternatives, which can be an excellent choice for dogs that enjoy wet food or need a greater moisture content in their diet. Their wet food contains human-grade components like as chicken, steak, fish, and veggies.

Specific examples of pet foods from Natural Balance are Salmon Formula Canned Cat Food, Tuna and Shrimp Canned Cat Food, L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats Potato and Duck Dog Treats, L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck Dry Cat Food, Etc.

  • Are the products of Natural Balance Pet Foods natural?

Natural Balance Pet Foods use only natural components in their products. This implies they don't include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Natural Balance Pet Foods also does not utilize any animal byproducts in its products.

  • What are some of the advantages of giving my pet Natural Balance Pet Foods made with human-grade ingredients?

There are several advantages to feeding your pet Natural Balance Pet Foods that include human-grade ingredients. These products are manufactured with ingredients that are safe and healthy for people to consume, so you can be certain that they will be safe and nutritious for your pet as well. Furthermore, these products do not include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, which can be hazardous to your pet.

Paws Food Express: Nurturing Health, One Paw at a Time!

Natural Balance Pet Food is committed to the health of your pet, from quality nutrition to customized formulae. Their carefully made products offer adequate nourishment for a happy and vigorous existence. Visit Paws Food Express now and let our trained team help you choose the best Natural Balance solution for your pet friend. Your pet deserves the best!

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