My Ultimate Guide to Healthy Dog Treats

My Ultimate Guide to Healthy Dog Treats

A Guide to Buying Healthy Dog Treats 

Imagine the happiness on your dog’s face when you feed them their favorite treat. That constantly wagging tail tells you that your dog is the happiest when fed its favorite treats. However, if you have multiple dogs of different sizes and breeds, then the same pack of treats won’t work for all of them. 

Not all dogs are compatible with all sorts of treats, therefore, you need to be aware of what to feed your dog exactly. Thus, here is a list of some treats divided into sections that can be given to your dogs. Take a look! 

What to Look for while Buying Healthy Treats? 

If you have more than one dog belonging to different breeds, then a single pack of treats will not suffice for all of them. Dogs could be suffering from certain health issues, hence, feeding them the right kind of treat is important. Here’s what you need to look for while buying the healthiest treats for your dogs: 

  1. Look for treats made using single ingredients or limited ingredients. 
  2. Avoid treats that add artificial color, flavor, and sweetness. 
  3. Do not buy treats using artificial preservatives. 

If you overlook these points, your dog can end up with health issues like: 

  • Sudden weight gain 
  • Joint pain 
  • Yeast issues 
  • Digestive problems 

To avoid letting your dogs fall sick, consider these treats to also fulfill their nutrient requirements. 

  1. Protein-based treats 
  • The Natural Dog Company 
  • Barkworthies 
  • ZiwiPeak 
  • Dr. Becker’s Bites 
  • Scout and Zoe’s 
  • Mosaic 

  1. Healthy cookies 
  • Ava’s Pet Palace 
  • CocoTherapy 
  • Canna-Pet CBD Oil Dog Treats 

  1. Chews 
  • The Natural Dog Company 
  • Monster Braided Bully Sticks 
  • Monster Himalayan Dog Chews 

  1. Healthy Fish Treats 
  • Boo Boo’s Best 
  • Vital Essentials 
  • K9 Naturals 
  • Plato 
  • Scout and Zoe’s 
  • PolkaDog
  • Mosaic 
  • Green JuJu
  • Northwest Naturals  

  1. Freeze-Dried Dog Treats 
  • Dr. Harvey’s Power Pops Freeze-Dried Tripe 
  • Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Dog Treats 
  • Small Batch Freeze-Dried Tripe 

Freeze-Dried treats are some of the best things you can give your dog as they are similar to raw treats. 

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