How to Safely Transition to a New Dog Food

How to Safely Transition to a New Dog Food

Tips for your Dog to Safely Transition to a New Food

Humans love to have a new dish almost every day. However, that’s not true for dogs. Dogs, instead do not like it when their menus are changed frequently. Giving different dishes to your dog every day can upset their digestive systems resulting in digestion-related health issues. 

However, it might sometimes be necessary to switch your dog’s diet if the usual food isn’t healthy. In such a case, you’ll need a few tips mentioned in the blog to safely transition your dog to a new diet. 

Why Should you Switch at all? 

The switch sometimes is necessary to keep your dog healthy. Here are some reasons why one should make the switch: 

  1. The food your dog has been eating isn’t providing enough nutrients 
  2. Your dog might have developed an allergy
  3. The usual diet has caused some digestive imbalance 
  4. Your dog just doesn’t like the food anymore 

How to make the Transition Smooth?

While making the switch one important thing to remember is that the transition does not happen overnight. It could be even more time-taking if your dog has been feeding on the same food for its entire life now. Thus, you need to be patient during the process. 

The transition to new food is likely to take about 7 to 10 days. When you make the switch, do not change the total amount of food you have been feeding your dog. Here’s how you can mix the new and the usual meal to make a smooth change: 

  • Days 1 to 2: ¼ new food and ¾ of the usual meal 
  • Days 3 to 4: ½ new food and ½ of the usual meal 
  • Days 5 to 6: ¾ new food and ¼ of the usual meal 
  • After day 7: a complete bowl of new food 

If your dog rejects the food, do not haste. Instead, continue with the previous day’s composition until it accepts it. 

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