How to Pick Nutritious Treats for Your Dog in 10 Easy Steps

How to Pick Nutritious Treats for Your Dog in 10 Easy Steps

We all love giving our dogs treats, just like how we all enjoy consuming goodies. But unlike humans, dogs can't pick the best treats for themselves. They rely on humans to select the best and the most nutritious treats in the market.

Here are 10 easy steps you can use in choosing the best treats for your dogs:

  1. The best thing to do is make treats for your dogs at home. You can try to make dehydrated, baked, or cooked treats as long as you use non-medicated or organic meats. Check online for recipes.
  2. You can buy treats. Before paying, ensure they were not made in countries with poor quality control.
  3. Do not buy treats that promised quality, but the price is too good to be true. Treats that were made from fresh ingredients will cost you money. If you are looking for the most nutritious treats, expect a pricey tag.
  4. The liver is good for dogs. But overfeeding them with liver as treats can cause an overdose of fat-soluble vitamins. Dehydrated treats are much more nutritious and you can give them as much as you like.
  5. Small fish treats like sardines and herring are a no-no. It's hard to track the source of these fishes. And the preservatives that were used on them are not always on the packaging. Strontium contamination can also be an issue.
  6. Salmon skin is also good for dogs. But do not feed them frequently. Salmon skin contains low to moderate levels of mercury.
  7. Grain and wheat-based treats are a red flag. Grain is not designed to be broken down by the canine digestive system, which can result in varying degrees of inflammatory bowel illness. Grain-free treats and probiotics for dogs are the best way to improve their gut and protect the bowel system.
  8. Give treats to your dogs irregularly. Do not set a specific time because it can condition them to be cookie monsters.
  9. Respectfully decline if a stranger or someone other than you or your family wants to give your dogs some treats. If you can't say no, offer them the treats that you specifically picked out for your dogs.
  10. Avoid rawhide, beef tendons, and highly processed dental bones if your dog prefers to get treats in the form of bones. It is advisable to avoid them because they are loaded with preservatives and chemicals, and it can be difficult to determine what was added. 

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