The Magic of CBD on Daisy’s Life

You must have heard your vet recommend CBD oil and other CBD products for your dog to improve its health. Well, the vet is entirely right. Even the researchers working on the benefits of CBD for dogs say that it is a beneficial treatment for dogs. 

CBD not only helps dog manage their anxiety but also helps them fight against other health issues. One such story based on a real-life event is mentioned in the blog below, where CBD helped a dog beat her tumor. Take a look! 

How CBD Helped Daisy

Daisy is a 14-year old labrador, sadly not completely healthy. Daisy was born deaf and to make matters worse, she also developed a tumor on her back. It was discovered that Daisy’s parents did not feed her right. All she was given to eat was poor-quality kibble. 

This improper and unhealthy diet was what led the tumor to develop. As days passed, the turmor grew worse and restricted Daisy’s hind leg movement. Eventually she stopped moving at all due to the pain. 

Finally, she was brought to a vet who examined her condition and diagnosed her with tumor. Considering Daisy’s age and her illness, the vet recommended her CBD-based remedies. 

For the start, Daisy was given Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil, 12 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening. This worked like a magic on Daisy. The CBD oil helped her endocannabinoid system fight the tumor. 

Further, the vet also applied CBD Salves directly on Daisy’s tumor twice a day. This too did wonders on her. The CBD Slave promoted healthy cell growth which helped in beating the tumor cells. 

After a regular application of the CBD products on Daisy’s tumor, it soon popped, oozed and was detached from her body. Within a few months, Daisy was healthy again and was perfectly able to use her hind legs. 

From this incident, pet parents should realise that healthy food is just as important as medicines. Therefore, always buy the best quality pet food from Paws Food Express in Houston, Texas. Call us now to know more.