Himalayan Pet Supply: Elevating Pet Adventures!

Himalayan Pet Supply: Elevating Pet Adventures!

Origin of Himalayan

It all began in 2003 with a notion sparked by curiosity. Churpi, a traditional Nepalese chew manufactured for Himalayan people, is loved by dogs, as discovered by two brothers, Suman and Sujan Shrestha, their buddy Nishes Shrestha, and Kaos, the dog. By eliminating the lactose and fat from the original, antiquated formula, they spent four years inventing The Himalayan Dog Chew, a tasty, long-lasting dog chew. According to history, the Shrestha family observed local people producing hardened cheese appetizers for human consumption while traveling across their native Nepal. These treats were made using yak and cow milk and traditional techniques. The Shrestha family decided to modify the recipe and manufacturing procedure to produce a pet-friendly version of the treat after realizing the potential for a quality and delectable dog chew. They established a "Himalayan Corporation" and started making and selling dog chews in the US and other nations. From their modest beginnings at a small local pet show in Bellingham, Washington, to the accolade-winning firm they are today, they have led the pet industry on an inventive new path with their original hard cheese chews, creating a new category within the pet market that their devoted consumers enjoy.


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Himalayan Pet Supply Mission

The Shrestha family concentrated on offering dogs tough, delectable chew treats that could help satiate their natural chewing urges. The Himalayan region's traditional methods and natural components were incorporated to make pet products that advance the health and well-being of animals. In addition, Himalayan Pet Supply Inc has long been a proponent of giving back to society, especially to farmers, whom it views as the soul of the international community.

Himalayan Products

Himalayan Pet Supply makes chews, treats, toys and gear.

Chews: Himalayan Dog Chew is the original hard cheese chew that began it all. It is manufactured using conventional techniques, yak and cow milk, and an old recipe. The single-ingredient chew must be worked by dogs for hours, softening the end with their tongues before carefully biting off little bits. Giving your dog a Himalayan Dog Chew ensures they receive high-quality, durable, and all-natural chewing amusement. Other chews include; 10-inch Churro, Antler Bone Medium, Churro Tub-Cheese, and Coconut Bone Medium, among others.

Treats: Dogs can enjoy Cubits Yogurt as a healthy treat. These yogurt and coconut treats are packed with prebiotics and probiotics, which help your dog develop a healthy digestive system and boost their gut health. Cubits are lactose, grain, corn, soy, and gluten-free treats prepared with the finest natural ingredients and free of artificial flavors or preservatives. These treats are equally wholesome and delicious. Other treats include; Bacon Bit Cookies, Barkeetos, yakyPUFF Cheese, and Cubits Chicken, among others.

Toys: Examples of Himalayan toys include Jughead Classic, Bonehead Small, and AnimaStuffie Beau. Jughead Classic guards against quick chew munching and even prolongs the timeframe of the chew for your dog.

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