High-Value Dog Treats: What Types of Reward to Give

High-Value Dog Treats: What Types of Reward to Give

Which are the Best Treats for your Dog? 

Dogs love when they get those small pieces of their favorite food as treats. It is similar to a reward for them for being on their best behavior when guests arrive or for simply learning a new trick. No matter the reason, our beloved dogs deserve treats for everything and anything they do. But which treats would also be the healthiest for them? 

Let’s find this out in this blog. 

How to Choose the Best Treats? 

Dog treats are available in all sorts of attractive packets but are they healthy for dogs? Not all of them. The best treats you can choose for your dog will be the ones made out of single ingredients that have been sourced from a reputable place. You can also go for branded treats as the brand name is an indirect assurance of quality. 

What is a High-Value Dog Treat? 

High-value dog treats are a healthy and nourishing way to reward your dog’s behavior. It encourages them to work even harder for the next treat. Though you will be tempted to give your dog its favorite treat to make them happy, the treats should not occupy more than 10% of its daily diet. Here’s how you can control your dog’s treat intake: 

  1. Give treats as training and behavior rewards 
  2. Make it a bedtime ritual 
  3. A way to attract it toward its crate  

Choose any one of the above ways to feed your dog its favorite treat. Overfeeding of treats can lead to obesity and other health issues. 

Most Suitable Treats for Dogs 

Several commercial treats are full of sugar and carbohydrates and giving your dogs these treats only leads them to future health problems. Therefore, when choosing the treats, go for something natural, assures quality, and comes from a reliable source. 

The best thing you can feed your dogs is natural treats like blueberries, broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds, and many more. 

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