Food vs Feed – What’s In Your Dog’s Food?

Food vs Feed – What’s In Your Dog’s Food?

The Truth Behind Commercial Dog Food 

Have you ever wondered how the dog food you have been feeding your dog is produced? What does it contain? Or how and from where do the manufacturers source the ingredients? 

These are some questions that are rare to pop up in your mind when you feed your dog its daily meal. However, as a responsible pet parent, you must know and understand the truth behind these commercial dog foods. 

What does the Dog Food Contain? 

You must have noticed a label saying “feed-grade” on the packet of dog food. This means that the food contained inside the pack is made specifically for dogs and shouldn’t be consumed by humans. But should it be consumed by dogs either? 

Commercial dog food usually contains rendered animal products such as chicken meals and other fats. These ingredients are usually outsourced by dog food manufacturers. Other vendors, specializing in rendered meat meals and fats produce them from animals. Since there are no set standards for the quality of meat they can use, these vendors mainly rely on meat obtained from diseased animals and/or from the ones who died due to unknown reasons. 

This way, the vendors and the manufacturers can save some bucks on production but will cost you and your dog a lot in the future. 

Your Dogs Deserve Better 

As mentioned above, the feed-grade dog food isn’t safe for your dog due to the unknown sources of its ingredients. But you can surely rely on our 100% human-grade food for your dogs. 

Human-grade food does not mean it is for humans, but it is just as safe and healthy as other human-grade foods. All our dog food products are manufactured using dog-friendly ingredients which means they are sure to keep your dogs healthy with all the essential nutrients. 

Not just that, but the food we produce for dogs meets all the standards of safety for dogs. Therefore, if you want your dog to live healthy and happy, then buy our best quality dog food from Paws Food Express in Houston, Texas. You can also call us in case of any queries.