Farmina Pet Foods: Embrace a 'Pawsome' and Nourishing Pet Food Option for Your Beloved Companion!

Farmina Pet Foods: Embrace a 'Pawsome' and Nourishing Pet Food Option for Your Beloved Companion!

About Farmina Pet Foods

Francesco Russo, who was concerned about animal nutrition, founded Farmina Pet Foods in 1965. The company began as Russo Mangimi, which specialized in animal feed. Dr. Angelo Russo, Russo's son, took over the firm in 1999 and moved its emphasis to pet food. The increasing body of knowledge on the relevance of food for pet health prompted Dr. Russo. He planned to develop pet food using scientific principles so that pets can get the nourishment they need to thrive. Farmina Pet Foods is currently the industry standard when it comes to high-quality pet food. The ingredients in the company's products are of the highest quality, and the foods themselves are developed to meet the needs of specific breeds and life stages. Farmina Pet Foods is rapidly expanding around the world, having already established itself as a leading provider of premium pet food in the United States and Europe.


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Farmina Pet Food Philosophy

Farmina Pet Food Company's philosophy revolves around the well-being and natural instincts of pets. The company is dedicated to offering nutritionally balanced and species-appropriate food selections that are reminiscent of a carnivorous diet. Farmina prioritizes the use of high-quality foods that have been carefully chosen for their nutritional content and supplied from sustainable and ethical sources. They draw inspiration from nature and use natural components to manufacture their goods. By offering the most nutritious and healthy meals, they efficiently nurture pets from their early days with their family to their senior years

Their approach blends the finest of nature's offers with scientific acumen to guarantee that every meal they provide reflects their commitment.

About Farmina Products

Here are some of Farmina Pet Foods' top products:

  • N&D Ancestral Grain. This is a grain-free pet food line prepared with high-quality ingredients like fresh meat, veggies, and fruits. It is designed to suit the nutritional demands of dogs and cats at all stages of development.

  • N&D Pumpkin. This is a grain-free pet food product produced with pumpkin, a nutrient-rich vegetable with several health advantages. It is designed for dogs and cats of all ages.

  • N&D Prime. This is a pet food line manufactured from high-quality, single-source proteins. It is designed for dogs and cats that have allergies or sensitivities.

  • Farmina Vet Life. This is a pet food line designed to address certain medical concerns like diabetes, renal disease, and allergies.

  • Farmina Ecopet. This is a pet food line developed using components acquired from sustainable sources. It is designed for dogs and cats that require a nutritious, ecologically friendly solution.

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