Dog Vitamins and Supplements: A Complete Guide

Dog Vitamins and Supplements: A Complete Guide

Which Vitamins and Supplements are Best for Dogs? 

Since our lifestyles have changed so much including our food habits, we often lack a few nutrients in our bodies. One of those is vitamins. Vitamins are among the most essential nutrients needed by our body and therefore, to fulfill the requirement, we resort to supplements. 

Now, you would be surprised to know that even dogs can fall short of vitamins. Even though your pet dog is feeding on the healthiest diet, there are chances that the food contains very less to no amount of vitamin. What would you do in such a case? Let’s know more about fulfilling our dog’s vitamin needs. 

Which Vitamins and Supplements will be Beneficial? 

Dogs lacking certain vitamins and supplements can easily develop health conditions like arthritis. Therefore, to avoid seeing your dog in pain, consider giving them the following vitamins and supplements: 

  1. Glucosamine: is an essential amino sugar, especially for dogs suffering from arthritis. It is responsible for repairing damaged cartilage and maintaining healthy joints. 

  1. Fish oil: fish oil contains Omega-3 which is extremely beneficial for dogs. It works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient and keeps away health conditions like heart diseases, cancer, kidney problems, etc. 

  1. L-theanine: it is a calming ingredient, working perfectly for dogs with anxiety issues. Though this is an effective solution for treating anxiety, there are other non-medical treatments available that you can explore. 

  1. Vitamin C and E: apart from being anti-oxidants and regulators for the immune system, these two are also necessary to preserve your dog’s memory. 

When to Not Give Vitamins and Supplements? 

Though vitamins and supplements are necessary, there are a few scenarios where you shouldn’t give vitamins and supplements to your dog. They are: 

  • When on a special or prescribed diet by the vet 
  • Without the vet’s recommendation 
  • The dog does not suffer from any deficiencies 
  • Shows signs of side effects after taking vitamins and supplements

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