Diamond Pet Foods: ‘Pawsitively’ Nourishing

Diamond Pet Foods: ‘Pawsitively’ Nourishing

About Diamond Pet Food Company

Diamond Pet Food Company was founded in the 1970s by 2 siblings i.e., Richard Kampeter and Gary Schell. The brothers started the company out of the observation that there was a lack of an affordable yet high-quality pet food product line. The company grew to become one of the country’s most sought-after pet product brands. The company is currently owned and operated by the second generation of the Schell and Kampeter families. However, they still believe that every pet deserves the best possible nutrition. Including yours.

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Company Philosophy

Diamond Pet Food's philosophy has always been to produce high-quality pet food at a low cost. This is because the company believes that every pet, from purebred show animals to shelter puppies and kittens, deserves the best nutrition available. Diamond Pet Food has developed unique ties with its suppliers in order to supply both high-quality ingredients at affordable rates. Because it is privately owned, it can look beyond quarterly shareholder outcomes and engage in long-term contracts with its suppliers. Diamond's long-term relationships with its vendor partners have resulted in preferential pricing, vendor loyalty, and a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients.

About Diamond’s Products.


Diamond Pet Food produces pet food for both cats and dogs. Their products are also designed to provide nutrition for pets with specific dietary requirements. Besides, they have a wide range of pet food products including Diamond Naturals Senior Dog Chicken Egg and Oat Food, Diamond Naturals Active Cat Chicken Meal and Rice Dry Food, Diamond Naturals Kitten Chicken and Rice Formula, etc.

High-Quality and Safe Ingredients

Diamond only manufactures products that they would be happy to serve to their own pets. They begin with high-quality components such as real meat, veggies, and fruits. The formulae are then meticulously developed by their veterinarians and nutritionists to suit dietary nutritional criteria. Finally, their products undergo stringent quality-control measures to guarantee that they fulfill their high quality and safety requirements.


Diamond employees all have a passion for pets and the special bond that pet owners enjoy with their dogs and cats. Every product they manufacture is something they would give to their own pets or recommend to their closest friends. Newcomers are often impressed by their colleague's sense of pride in their job. They make excellent pet food, and the employees are passionate about it. They share an unwavering dedication to product quality and customer service. This pride, passion, and personal responsibility aids the organization in overcoming short-term challenges and achieving long-term success.


Diamond Pet Foods strikes an excellent balance between quality and affordability. They seek to deliver high-quality pet food at a reasonable price, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of pet owners. Because of their devotion to affordability, thousands of pet parents can offer great nourishment to their pets without breaking the bank.

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