Determining the Suitable CBD Dosage for your Dog 

CBD oils are 100% effective on dogs, but how will you use them to get the best out of them? Using CBD oil or how much of it to give to your dogs can become confusing for some pet parents. 

That’s why we are here to help you. Read the blog to know more about the appropriate CBD dosage for dogs. 

Factors to Consider Before Giving CBD 

Before beginning, one needs to know the physiological and health conditions of their dog. Factors to consider are: 

  • Current status of your dog’s health and existing conditions 
  • Disease process 
  • Your dog’s metabolism 
  • Dog’s age 
  • Its endocannabinoid system 
  • Personal health factors 

Based on these factors, you can proceed to give CBD oil to your dog. 

Determining the Exact CBD Dose for your Dog 

CBD oil tinctures for dogs are designed to hold a set amount dosage for dogs and are applied using a dropper that measures 1 ml of oil. There are further divisions visible on the dropper that allow you to fill an accurate amount of oil when it's lesser than 1 ml. 

Even the purpose of CBD oil makes a difference in the dosage. For example, a bottle of CBD oil containing 2 oz of oil with 500 mg of CBD can provide 60 servings in total when given as a remedy for calming down. However, the same bottle provides only 30 servings when given as a medicine to treat any health condition. 

Trial and Error Method 

One more way to determine the exact dose for your dog is by applying a trial and error method. All you have to do is begin with lower doses of CBD oil and increase the amount eventually if things seem alright. Further, you can also record the dose given to your dog for future reference.

CBD oil is a great remedy for keeping your dog healthy. However, feeding them healthy food remains at the top. Buy the healthiest pet food from Paws Food Express in Houston, Texas. Call us now to know more.