Buying Dog Food in Bulk: Complete Guide 2022

Buying Dog Food in Bulk: Complete Guide 2022

All you Need to Know About Buying Dog Food in Bulk 

As a pet parent, you must be aware that dog food doesn’t come cheap, especially when you only want to feed the best quality food. Studies show that a pet parent in our country spends about $20 to $200 a month on pet food depending on the size, breed, and number of dogs one has. 

Since pet food can be expensive, the thought of buying it in bulk must have struck your mind at least once. Well, it’s completely alright to buy pet food in bulk but is it worth or will it save you any money? Let’s answer all such questions in the blog below. 

Will a Bulk Purchase Save you Money? 

Buying anything in bulk has always been cost-effective. The same is the case with dog food. You can always buy dog food in bulk and save some money on it. This will also spare you from the hassle of buying it from the store every week. 

All you need to keep in mind while purchasing dog food in bulk is the amount of food your dog eats in a day and the shelf life of the dog food before and after opening the pack. 

Cons of Buying Dog Food in Bulk 

Dog food is easily perishable and has a shorter shelf life as compared to other products. Therefore, buying a lot of dog food at once can also have some disadvantages: 

  1. The food can go bad if your dog cannot finish the bag on time
  2.  The food can lose its nutritional value 
  3. You need enough space to store the food safely 

Buying dog food in bulk has its pros and cons and therefore, you need to consider all of them before making a huge purchase. However, if you feel buying in bulk won’t be possible, you can always get your dog’s food directly delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is place an order for your dog’s favorite food on our website at Paws Food Express and wait for it to arrive. You can also call us for more information.