Boss Dog: Nutritional Haven for Your Furry Friend.

Boss Dog: Nutritional Haven for Your Furry Friend.

About Boss Dog

The company ‘Boss Dog Inc’ was started in 2018 by Vasili Nassar who is the CEO of the company. Nassar never imagined that his pet nutrition company would grow at such a fast pace. The company deals with products for both dogs and cats. Boss Dog was born out of need when the founder acquired a 160-pound dog called Kelby who was picky and ate very little. Vasili gave his new puppy every major dog food brand on the shelves, but his pup rejected everything. Vasili recognized there was a scarcity of high-quality pet products at that point. He also discovered that there were few dog foods that offered gut health nutrition in the form of probiotics, as well as important minerals, vitamins, and supplements.



Company Philosophy

Vasili as a CEO operates the company under the philosophy that patience is a virtue. On the other hand, Boss Dog Brand operates under the philosophy that high-quality ingredients make high-quality products. This is in line with the company’s dedication to quality and utmost care that they observe while choosing and preparing pet food ingredients as well as while packaging the food.

About Their Products

As of 2020, the company mainly included 6 gut pet health products namely Raw Goat Milk, Greek Style Frozen Yogurt, Boss ProBalls, Freeze Dried Raw Diet, and Boss ProPuffs. As of 2023, the company has launched an array of new products including Fish Recipe Freeze Dried Dog Food, Beef Recipe Freeze Dried Dog Food, Chicken Recipe Freeze Dried Dog Food, etc, which are all available at Paws 28.

Benefits of Choosing Boss Dog Products.

  • Raw Food Options.

The Boss Dog Company focuses on offering raw pet food choices. Raw food diets imitate the natural, physiologically suitable diets of carnivorous dogs and cats. This firm lets pet owners give their dogs a diet that closely matches their natural nutritional demands, boosting overall health and vigor. Raw food diets are said to offer advantages to pets such as enhanced digestion, healthier coat and skin, and enhanced energy levels.

  • High-Quality Products.

The Boss Dog Company is well-known for its dedication to providing high-quality products. The firm emphasizes utilizing premium ingredients and adhering to tight quality control standards while producing pet food, treats, or other pet-related products. This guarantees that you're giving your pet the greatest products available. In addition, the company uses human-grade meats and organic fruits and vegetables.

  • Innovation and Variety.

Boss Dog Company provides a diverse assortment of products to meet the demands of various pets. From frozen raw meals and treats, the company is always innovating to provide pet owners with a variety of alternatives. The company also uses a unique mix of superfoods like coconut oil and chia seeds for extra nutritional benefits. This helps you find products that are compatible with your pet's dietary requirements and preferences.

  • Stringent Food Handling Measures Ensuring Safety.

Boss Dog products are safe for pets to ingest as they are handled and stored properly. Employees at Boss Dog Inc are aware that proper handling of raw food is critical in order to avoid contamination.

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