Bones & Co: Nourishing Pets with Raw Natural Goodness.

Bones & Co: Nourishing Pets with Raw Natural Goodness.

About Bones & Co.

Bones & Co is a company that was launched on the belief that dogs deserve better always. The company was launched on September 8th, 2013, a clear evidence that it has stood the test of time. Ryan, the founder of Bones & Co was inspired to launch the company after the death of his dog, Murphy, as a result of canine cancer. He'd had enough of what kibble was doing to dogs. From then on, he was determined to revolutionize the way people feed their dogs. He realized there had to be a better way, so he began asking questions, studying, networking with pet specialists, and devoting ALL of his spare time to dog health and nutrition. That is where it all started. The company produces raw Ketogenic dog food with a low-carb recipe that keeps the pup's metabolism away from starches and sugars, putting their body in an optimal metabolic fat-burning state known as ketosis, assisting pet parents in the battle against canine metabolic diseases such as obesity, cancer, epilepsies, and diabetes.


Company Philosophy

Bones & Co’s philosophy lies in the context that responsible feeding of dogs should be embraced by pet parents. The company’s mission is to help pet parents and health practitioners in the fight against metabolic diseases like obesity, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, etc by offering ketogenic raw dog food.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bones & Co Products.

 What Makes Bones & Co Products Worth It?

  1. They are prepared with human-grade meat.

  2. They are hand-packed.

  3. They are made with less fillers and more meat.

  4. They are keto-approved.

Where Do They Source Their Products?

Bones & Co believes that where dog food comes from matters. The company believes that dog food should come from a place of integrity and made with intentions, not from money-driven factory farms. Bones & Co sources their products from relatively small family farms that treat their animals with respect. All animals are cage-free and grass-fed and their products contain no added hormones or antibiotics.

Do Their Products Use Organic Ingredients?

Yes, all of Bones and Co's products are organic, but their meat cannot be branded as such. Their meat is human-grade and comes from grass-fed, cage-free, and humanely treated animals. They buy from small farms that practice sustainable and integrative agriculture. The expense of organic or GAP certification is too expensive for many of their tiny farms. The company does not compromise on meat quality or source even though not all of its farms are accredited.

What Does Bones & Co Mean When They Say That Their Ingredients Are Human Grade?

When Bones & Co. refers to their ingredients as "human grade," it indicates that the substances used in their pet food products fulfill the same quality and safety criteria as those meant for human use. This means that pet owners can rely on the excellent quality and nutritional content of the ingredients used in their products. Matter of fact, Bones & Co products are prepared and packaged at a human-grade kitchen in Austin, Texas.

Shop Bones & Co Pet Products at Paws Food Express Today.

Are you looking for a pet diet that is metabolically appropriate? If so, Bones & Co. is the place to go! Paws Food Express offers a variety of protein options from Bones & Co., including beef, duck, chicken, turkey, and lamb. We, however, regret to tell cat owners that Bones & Co. does not presently provide cat diets. Shop online today for quick shipping.


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