Blue Buffalo: Love Them Like Family, Feed Them Like Family.

Blue Buffalo: Love Them Like Family, Feed Them Like Family.

About Blue Buffalo.

Blue Buffalo is a brand that has passed the test of time in its provision of nutritious and safe pet food. The company was started by Bill Bishop and his sons in 2003 as they sought the best and most nutritious food for their dog, Blue, which had been diagnosed with cancer. They decided to invent their own since they couldn't locate a natural food option with high-quality ingredients. They started feeding Blue Buffalo like family and have now encouraged millions of Pet Parents to do the same. Blue Buffalo has established itself as a trusted brand in the pet food industry because of a strong philosophy based on natural ingredients, stringent quality standards, and a comprehensive understanding of animal nutrition.

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Company Philosophy.

Buffalo Blue’s philosophy is based on the idea that pets should be treated as a family. In fact, Buffalo Blue’s slogan is “Love Them Like Family, Feed Them Like Family.” Their mission is to provide pets with the same amount of care and sustenance that we would provide to our own loved ones. Blue Buffalo knows that nutrition is critical to a pet's general health, longevity, and happiness and they aim to design products that suit these requirements.

More About Blue Buffalo Pet Food.

Say hello to a completely new manner of feeding your pets. Blue Buffalo provides tasty, nutritious food that is intended to help pets live happy, healthy lives.

Why Choose Blue Buffalo?

  • Quality Ingredients.

Buffalo Blue uses quality natural ingredients in all of its meals. Every BLUE dry and wet mix begins with real meat and includes only the best natural components that have been vitamin and mineral-enhanced. Real meat is sourced from various high-quality protein sources like alligator meat, bacon, beef, etc. The other ingredients are grouped into fruits and veggies (alfalfa, apples, etc) carbohydrates (barley, brown rice, etc), vitamins and minerals (ascorbic acid, biotin, etc), amino acids, and fats and oils. You'll discover a healthful recipe to support your best friend's healthy lifestyle regardless of age, breed size, or dietary requirement. True to its Blue promise, the company ensures that no poultry by-products, corn, or artificial preservatives are included in the meals.

  • Rigorous Quality Control.

Blue Buffalo employs stringent quality control techniques to assure the safety and integrity of their products. They adhere to precise guidelines throughout the manufacturing process, from ingredient procurement to manufacturing and packaging. This dedication to quality gives pet owners peace of mind, knowing that their dogs are eating food that meets the highest standards.

  • Passionate Advocacy for Pet Health.

Blue Buffalo actively promotes pet health efforts in addition to creating healthy pet food. They are active in a variety of charitable endeavors, such as financing pet cancer research, funding Service Dogs For Heroes (an organization that trains services dogs for veterans in need), and raising awareness about pet obesity. Blue Buffalo's dedication to enhancing the entire well-being of pets extends beyond their goods, establishing them as a company that actually cares about animal welfare.

  • Diverse Range of Products.

Blue Buffalo provides a wide selection of products to meet the demands of various pets. They provide nutritional food alternatives for dogs and cats of all life stages, breeds, and sizes. Blue Buffalo's product portfolio also includes treats, dental chews, and customized recipes for dogs with specific dietary needs or allergies. Blue Buffalo's diverse product line guarantees that pets of all types get the nourishment they need.

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